Systems And Solutions

Since 1998, DANIMA has been creating web sites for local area businesses and beyond. Since that time the web has changed and business web sites have become more involved and elaborate. The day of the simple brochure web site is over. Very few web sites are merely just a few pages of basic information - company info, contact info. In today's Net E-Conomy it is essential to maximize your web site's potential and in doing so, make your business more efficient for you, your staff and your clients/visitors. System development has become DANIMA's forte as the company has evolved over the last 5 or 6 years. All of our web sites/systems include an Administration Area where all of the site's system administrative functionality resides. From as simple as adding contacts to your contact database to managing your associations membership, it's all housed in a secure, password protected Administration Area. From a Content Management System to Customer Loyalty Systems, DANIMA's talented team can help take you to the next level!

System Development

What do we mean by systems or "System Development"? Well, the simplest way of defining a web system is anything that gives the site owner control over the operations of some aspect of the site. From managing contacts to updating site content to a full reservations system or Membership Management System. At DANIMA we provide all of our web site clients with an Administrative Area that allows the site owner to manage various elements of the web site - photo galleries, events, content, news, etc. DANIMA also provides businesses with larger systems that actually assist the site owner in operating their business or a specific aspect of the business. Every business has specific needs and/or processes that pertain to their business. DANIMA is able to look at those processes, help our clients automate their process and thus making them more efficient and more profitable.

DANIMA has built systems that run entire companies from Insurance companies to Hockey Associations to the accommodations industry. All of these systems are managed in a full administrative console that is fully secured. A password procted environment is created that allows the super administrator to create various access levels for other staff to manage specific parts of the system. It's and, yes, it's affordable!


At DANIMA we try to level the playing field for small businesses. Although we cater to small, medium and large size businesses, we know what it's like to be a small business that is looking for an edge but can't afford some of the cutting edge E-tools that are helping their competition get a leg-up. Our systems are not only affordable, but they are easy to manage...so you don't require a skilled IT professional to manage your system...you can do it yourself!

To find out more about how we can automate your business, or simply just increase the functionality of your web site, contact us at danima@danima.com or call us at 905-357-4977. We'll be glad to provide you with a FREE consultation!

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