Music Makers Live -
DANIMA just recently completed a website for our friend and Light of Day Canada photographer, Lisa MacIntosh - portraitsatthegreathall.com. Well, on October 14th she will be celebrating the release of Music Makers: Portraits at The Great Hall book with a ...
How to Use Facebook Audience Optimization for Better Organic Exposure
Wondering how to improve your reach on Facebook without paying for more ads? With audience optimization, you can target your Facebook posts to the segments of your page’s audience that are most likely to be interested in it.
Learn how ...
The Lawsuit Over the Monkey That Took a Selfie Is Finally Settled
Remember that sourcing images for your website, social media or blog isn’t as easy as running a Google image search and picking whatever image takes your fancy.
Enough monkey business.
7 Tips and Ideas for Running a Successful Facebook Contest
An engaging Facebook contest can be an effective way to capture attention and support your business goals.
Everything you need to know about running a Facebook contest. Learn the rules and get tips and ideas for your next campaign.
Rusty Young Music
A couple of months ago #teamDANIMA worked with Mary Young and Eddie from Blue Élan Records to design a simple micro-site for the legendary, steel guitarist and leader of one of DANIMA Dave's all-time favorite bands POCO, Rusty Young.

After ...
The Hottest Visual Content Marketing Trends in 2017 [Infographic]
Visuals help tell your story. How are you making the best use of this powerful marketing tool in your business?
This infographic looks at what’s trending in visual content marketing for 2017, according to a survey of 300 online marketers.
Congratulations to one of our favorite DANIMALS, Sam Grosso, for an amazing event to honor the great George Chuvalo on his 80th Birthday at the Cadillac Lounge last night! With the likes of Don Cherry and Ron Maclean in the ...
We are soooooooooooo proud of our friend and one of the newest DANIMALS, Lisa MacIntosh on the release of her new book, Music Makers: Portraits at The Great Hall!!! Orders will be going out shortly.

Great book with photos of ...
Amber Mac
Need hashtag help? Here's a handy guide to tell you how, when, and why to use 'em. #Awesome
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#teamDANIMA would like to apologize to our visitors for the on-going construction here at DANIMA Headquarters. We've been in this mess for several months and unsure of how long it will take to complete the building upgrades.

Thanks for your ...
Van Halen - Panama (Music Video)
So, next year DANIMA is turning 20. Do you think we could convince David Lee Roth and the boys from Van Halen to do a remake of this song but call it DANAMA, instead of PANAMA to celebrate our anniversary?
#teamDANIMA stopped by Continental Pancake House & Family Restaurant for breakfast this morning! Great family run business. Fresh food, free coffee refills and lots of parking!! Oh ya, and 10% off for locals....I like that!

www.continentalpancakehouse.com by DANIMA :)
Continental Pancake House
Busy day here at DANIMA headquarters with another web site going live! #teamDANIMA has been working closely with the owner of the Continental Pancake House & Family Restaurant, Sandro, on their very first web site! As well, after over 30 ...
Events Inpsired By You
Congratulations to Kathy at Events Inspired By You on her new web site. Kathy had her logo designed by DANIMA and from there we created a simple, inaugural site for her business.

Take a minute to check it out and ...
Danima Creative Group's cover photo
Danima Creative Group updated their cover photo.
It's that time of year again. Kids are back to school. And what that means here at DANIMA is that it will be even MORE impossible to turn left pulling out of our parking lot....lol.

Good luck to all the ...
The Q3 2017 Sprout Social Index
The numbers show that a helpful response from a brand can quickly turn someone who started out complaining into a positive advocate.
In this newest data report from Sprout Social, our index covers the social media trend of call-out culture ...
8 Things You Didn't Know About the Hashtag on Its 10th Birthday
ICYMI the hashtag is 10 years old today 🎂
Twitter's founders had no idea how big it would get.
Facebook Reactions: What They Are and How They Impact the Feed
Facebook has confirmed that using emoji “Reactions” DOES influence your News Feed
Much more than cute icons, Reactions have given users the ability to express themselves on Facebook beyond a simple thumbs up.
91.7 Giant FM
Interesting fact: The next total solar eclipse to be visible in Canada will occur on April 8, 2024, when the path of totality will cross Niagara Falls 😲
KK: Get ready...
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Due to construction in our building the DANIMA staff will be heading home to finish the day. Have a great weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience....but it's gettin' pretty noisy and dusty in here :)
Facebook's Testing a New Way to Target Ads to People Who've Visited Your Store
Imagine the possibilities for retailers and restaurants, allowing them to reach out to previous visitors with special offers 😉
Facebook's testing a new Custom Audiences option which would enable businesses to target ads at people who’ve visited their store
Social Media Examiner
Comment threads are coming to Instagram! We love this because it will make it easier to respond, especially when you have more than one conversation happening on a post
Instagram Adds Threaded Comments 😃

Is this a good move? ...
The rotary phone was a nice touch 📞
How to send an email in 1984. As seen on British TV. It's easy...
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Music Makers: Portraits at The Great Hall by Lisa MacIntosh
#TeamDANIMA is proud to have sponsored the design and development of the new web site for our friend Lisa MacIntosh's new book "Music Makers: Portraits at The Great Hall". This amazing new book can be pre-ordered on the site and ...
Posting More ≠ More Reach & Engagement 😮
The simple (yet effective) Facebook posting strategy that helped us increase our reach & engagement by 330% 🚀

[Full Research + Data: https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-posting-strategy]
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Poorly designed tote bag shows exactly why fonts are EXTREMELY important
This, my friends, is why fonts matter.
The store has yet to take it off its site.
I watched in bewilderment while a man tried to return butternut squash because he thought...
If this was your customer, what would you have done?
I was at the grocery store to buy chicken breast. He was there to find himself.
@pocoband do you use this account? We'd really like the handle for our band 0 0
Rusty Young Solo Album "Waitin' For The Sun"
Our newest, famous DANIMAL, Rusty Young (from the legendary band, Poco) has his debut solo record coming out this September. Check out his DANIMA-made microsite and pre-order your copy today - www.rustyyoungmusic.com!
What did you walk away from in order to do what you love?
This is what Peter Dinklage walked away from, to become Tyrion Lannister
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How Social Media is Influencing purchase decisions
💡 Great tip: Research the keywords that make sense for your business. Know that they will vary from one social media platform to another. Use those keywords in your headlines, photo captions, comments, and your profiles.
Social media has a ...
WISEMAN Law Offices
#teamDANIMA are happy to announce the launch of the brand new Wiseman Law Offices web site. The team has worked closely with Josh and Willy over at Wiseman Law to create a web presence that reflected their business. Bullseye!
Timeline Photos
#TeamDANIMA would like to wish one of our favorite DANIMALS, Mark Primerano, a very Happy 50th Birthday! From playing Minor Hockey together, to DJ'ing his wedding and now working with Mark Primerano/Century 21...DANIMA Dave and Mark go way back and ...
Amber Mac
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Love the brand new @RevelRealty web site designed and developed by #TeamDANIMA. Check it out!

0 0
@JoeGrushecky new song with @springsteen "That's What Makes Us Great" avaliable at https://t.co/eS3lz4iuyN.… https://t.co/ivoqm1X1Ww 1 0
19 years ago on a sunny day in April this thing we call DANIMA came to be! Check out our new blog at… https://t.co/m78QKZCQUf 0 1
@danimacreative is now closed for the day due to the road conditions. #drivesafe https://t.co/KbPdiyJFvq 0 0
Thanks to the folks at @TELUS @TELUSsupport for their help today with our business account! That's why we've been with you for 15 years 0 1
Are you doing your own Social Media? Do you do your own oil changes? Why would you? Contact us social@danima.com w… https://t.co/ClSjJN1qBy 0 0
@danimacreative are excited to be working with @RevelRealty here in Niagara on their new web site! Stay tuned... https://t.co/nPFp3stt29 0 0
#teamDANIMA is looking to add a new member to the current line-up! Things are getting busy! Email dave@danima.com f… https://t.co/KRaHTl95Cv 1 0
@SouvenirCityNF thank you for working with #TeamDANIMA in 2016. We look forward to another great year working together! 0 1
Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and very successful 2017.
#HappyNewYear #TeamDANIMA #OurTime https://t.co/SD6XyxotzJ
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@danimacreative wants to welcome the newest DANIMALS, Yardmasters Niagara to the team! Look for their new site soon! https://t.co/zCZlYVy7o9 0 0
Great job by @danimacreative on the new Mark Primerano Real Estate site https://t.co/hfPTSGcU1i #niagarawebdesign… https://t.co/8e0hA5CbqX 0 0
@danimacreative Web - Print - Media! Call us at 905-357-4977 to find out how we can help your business #teamDANIMA https://t.co/ak0TWCETIO 0 0
#HappyMonday DANIMALS. Have yourself a great day and an awesome week! https://t.co/l35IL7xt0U 0 1

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