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The DANIMA staff would like to send our deepest sympathies to Veronica, Satyam, my wife Anna, and all of our good friends at Pharmashield Dispensary on the loss of their co-worker and friend, Andrew Given. He will be missed and ...
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That's right, you may have been sitting at a table in a restaurant here in Niagara, ordering from a menu that was designed and produced by #TeamDANIMA. Mama Mia's Italian Eatery, BlueLine Diner, Weinkeller, ...
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Well, it looks like we all survived the big snow storm! Hope everyone stayed safe and got to enjoy making a snow angel or two! Looks like the worst is over and the roads are much better now (well, not ...
7 Critical Skills All Sales Superstars Possess in Today's Market
It’s a much more nuanced selling world today
Being talkative and persuasive are often treated as must-have skills for salespeople, but in fact, you don't even need them anymore.
@danimacreative is now closed for the day due to the road conditions. #drivesafe https://t.co/KbPdiyJFvq 0 0
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#TeamDANIMA are packing up and heading home early due to the road conditions. Please drive safe everyone! We'll be back at it tomorrow!
Amber Mac
"Google kills off the Captcha, ensuring humans don't need to see the most annoying thing on the internet - The feature is now invisible, or only visible to robots"
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50 Years Later, Heinz Approves Don Draper's 'Pass the Heinz' Ads and Is Actually Running...
Better late than never for that client approval

(You might recall this pitch from the season 6 Mad Men episode, “To Have and to Hold”)
A joint effort between David Miami and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
Thanks to the folks at @TELUS @TELUSsupport for their help today with our business account! That's why we've been with you for 15 years 0 0
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From Menus to Business Cards, from Brochures to Banners, #TeamDANIMA can help you with all of your business' print design and production needs! Keep you branding consistent from your web to your print to your media - contact ...
Get Cyber Safe
And if the unexpected does happen, you can confidently say, “It’s OK! I’ve #GotBackup!”
In an instant, all your mobile data can be lost forever, including special photos and work files. Save yourself the grief of losing important data by ...
Facebook Messenger Day launches as a Snapchat Stories clone for making plans
BREAKING: Facebook Launches 'Messenger Day' Snapchat clone inside Facebook Messenger!
Today Facebook is globally launching Messenger Day to put a utilitarian spin on the slideshow format. While Snapchat Stories is for retelling what you've..
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Doctor named a 2017 'Woman of Distinction' by the YWCA
We're so proud of our client & friend Dr. Marjorie Dixon!
#IWD2017 #BeBoldForChange YWCA Toronto
Dr. Marjorie E. Dixon is one of seven women being honoured by YWCA Toronto as a 2017 Woman of Distinction. The reproductive endocrinologist works to ...
Social Media Today
It is essentially a friend-sourced tourism listing for popular locations.
Research has shown that Facebook users are much more likely to act on a recommendation from a friend - which is the impetus behind Facebook's latest addition - 'City Guides'.
"...The content must entice on its own, free from the friend bias."
Our first blog post in two years...

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Thanks to Paul Gallardi for being the 900th LIKE, right here on our little DANIMA page!! The next milestone is the 'big' 1k!!

(Paul, your Big Papi t-shirt and Dallas Cowboy #1 fan hat will be emailed to you....lol...yes, I ...
Jeff Smith’s County Chevrolet Goes All in on Digital—and New Car Sales Jump 50%
The small-town dealership in Essex, Ontario went from primarily using traditional media to going all in on digital. Thanks to high-impact digital efforts and making the car the star of its website, sales are up 50%.
The dealership went from ...
What Percent of Revenue Do Companies Spend on Marketing?
What percentage of your revenue are you spending on marketing?
What percentage of your companies revenue do you spend on marketing? I was recently asked what percentage this should be but it seem that the numbers are all over the ...
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Your Everyday Canadian
Love this kid!
This Kid is Awesome!
Credit Viral Nation Inc.
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This Simple Design Change Would Have Saved The Oscars
The winning cards at the Academy Awards are layer upon layer of bad typographic design
The Academy has over 6,000 members, but not a single graphic designer, apparently.
What Weird Al Yankovic Can Teach us About Blogging - Be A Better Blogger
If "Weird Al" Yankovic can join the ranks of the rich and famous by writing songs about food, you can find success writing about whatever it is you write about
Weird Al Yankovic may not seem like an obvious inspiration ...
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Over the past 18 months the world of SEO has changed dramatically. It has become more and more difficult for sites to be found in search results without understanding what the Google Gods are looking for! Keeping up with these ...
Brands In Cars Getting Coffee: Sponsorship Marketing
We want to hear from you: What events or causes does your business sponsor?

Under the Influence #sponsorship #marketing
This week, we enter the delicate world of Sponsorship Marketing. Close to 20 billion sponsorship dollars are spent each year in ...
Mama Mia's Italian Eatery
The latest DANIMA client to mobilize their old web site is our long-time friends at Mama Mias! DANIMA designed their new logo, their menus, co-manage their Social Media and now the 3rd revision of their web site!!! This time they ...
Do you have a different way of coming up with ideas? Tell us below.
Some great suggestions for overcoming writer's block!
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Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends – Charged Tech
Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends http://ow.ly/TQPo309gA7C
Snapchat is the darling of technology: for years, we’ve fawned over the company for being innovative, using daring interfaces and out of…
Social Media Examiner
BREAKING: You can now share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram Post!


What do you think of this new option?
- Erik
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Has your site been mobilized? Well, if it's not, the Google Gods will make sure you are not found in mobile search results. And with everyone searching on their phones these days, that's not good for business. #TeamDANIMA have been ...
Proactive Coaching
In business and in life 👇👇👇
Athletes how many of the 10 will you check off?
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Rand Fishkin on Quora Sessions
Fantastic read if you want to know the real facts on SEO in 2017 and beyond
Wizard of Moz
12 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros : Social Media Examiner
Some really interesting predictions here!
Are you wondering how marketing on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat will change this year? We reached out to social media pros for their thoughts.
Tango Business Management System
Hey there DANIMALS!
We have a new product that we are about to roll out and we are looking for business owners who'd like to take our Business Management System for a test drive! If you are interested email us ...
Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017
Getting back to the heart of a website — the content — will be prevalent moving forward
From hand drawn elements to duotone images, imaginative headings to more focused content layouts, these design trends are just a few that will...
Tango Business Management System
DANIMA has launched our new Tango Business Management System Facebook page. #TeamDANIMA has been developing this great new, easy-to-use system and it is currently in the final stages of development. Like our page and get information on product features, special ...
The Cause of Most Lost Sales | Sales Tip
Did you know? 90% of all sales start to fail in that qualification phase
When I work clients there is one reason above all else why sales are lost. And here it is
Are you doing your own Social Media? Do you do your own oil changes? Why would you? Contact us social@danima.com w… https://t.co/ClSjJN1qBy 0 0
@danimacreative are excited to be working with @RevelRealty here in Niagara on their new web site! Stay tuned... https://t.co/nPFp3stt29 0 0
#teamDANIMA is looking to add a new member to the current line-up! Things are getting busy! Email dave@danima.com f… https://t.co/KRaHTl95Cv 1 0
@SouvenirCityNF thank you for working with #TeamDANIMA in 2016. We look forward to another great year working together! 0 1
Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and very successful 2017.
#HappyNewYear #TeamDANIMA #OurTime https://t.co/SD6XyxotzJ
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@danimacreative wants to welcome the newest DANIMALS, Yardmasters Niagara to the team! Look for their new site soon! https://t.co/zCZlYVy7o9 0 0
Great job by @danimacreative on the new Mark Primerano Real Estate site https://t.co/hfPTSGcU1i #niagarawebdesign… https://t.co/8e0hA5CbqX 0 0
@danimacreative Web - Print - Media! Call us at 905-357-4977 to find out how we can help your business #teamDANIMA https://t.co/ak0TWCETIO 0 0
#HappyMonday DANIMALS. Have yourself a great day and an awesome week! https://t.co/l35IL7xt0U 0 1
Happy #CanadaDay. Be safe, be smart, have fun. Proud to be #Canadian https://t.co/n3iLnq4b8g 0 1
Happy birthday to the great @willienile Making a difference with #OneGuitar. Check out the new CD #WorldWarWillie https://t.co/G3vmbMFAfm 0 2
RIP #MuhammadAli, The Greatest of All Time. Thank you for the fight, the wisdom and the legacy you left behind. https://t.co/rbvHl7szMe 1 3

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