Web Design

Well, it seems that this "web thing" has finally caught on, just as Matt predicted it would back in 1998! I guess that's a good thing for all of us DANIMALS! Not only did it catch on, but it evolved and continues to evolve at a rapid pace! From changes in site design to functionality #TeamDANIMA has continued to keep pace with all of the changes to ensure your business stays one step ahead of your competition in today's digital world!

Our job at DANIMA is to stay current with trends in both design and function. Do you remember when animated .gif's were cool?  How about those rotating mailboxes, Under Construction signs...oh, and the "scrolling marquee"...lol? Remember "frames"? Hell, even Flash has become a thing of the past! (I apologize if your site has any of these ancient web tools, but I know a great company who can help you out...wink, wink)! Today we not only offer creative designs with innovative programming but we also offer our clients an easy to use Content Management System, mobile friendly web sites, responsive designs and much more! The look and feel of your site and the system capabilities have changed 10 fold in the last decade and because of this, the DANIMA team continues to research, learn and develop new and cutting edge ideas to improve the products we produce and, in turn, help take your business to the next level!

All of DANIMA's site designs are custom. That means we do not use templates or "wizzy-wig" products to come up with design of your web site. At DANIMA we take care to create a site that is reflective of your company's current branding, as well as having the look and feel that best suits your company's personality and individual sector. Whether you are in the Accommodations industry or you are a Performing Artist, DANIMA's talented design staff will work with you to get the look and feel that you require to create you the most powerful marketing tool you have in today's Net E-conomy


At DANIMA we know that there’s much more to Search Engines than just submitting your site. For instance, is your web site search engine ready? The idea that "if you build it, they will come" may have worked for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, but in the wonderful world of the Internet, it just doesn’t cut it. There is a lot of research and analysis that goes into getting your site ranked higher in the search results of all of the major search engines so you can be found! Each search engine has different criteria they use for ranking, Google changes their alogorithms constantly, SEO trendschange, etc. So, sure, you can build it...but if you want them to come you have a bit of work to do!

The problem is, that optimizing your site for search engine submission, submitting your site, and maintaining submissions and analysis takes a lot of time. Most business owners don’t have time to email other web sites in their industry to set up reciprocal links or to manually submit their sites to the major search engines. and/or the knowledge to maintain the web site code to continually meet the changing demands of the Google-Gods :) This is where DANIMA can help. DANIMA has been very successful at getting our clients ranked high in the search phrases that our client's deem to be essential in their business being found. We work WITH our clients to develop an SEO strategy and provide monthly reports to analyze progress and what needs to be done to increase the rankings in the future.

Check out our packages and see what is good for you. To speak to someone on #teamDANIMA, call us at 905-357-4977 or email seo@danima.com and we can work with you to get YOUR site found!

Social Media

Businesses have embraced Social Media and turned these networking sites into marketing opportunities that provide targetted audiences for businesses at reasonable rates compared to the costs of traditional print marketing. Though the days of conventional networking, such as breakfast clubs and "Business After 5's" are not completely extinct, the opportunities provided by these sites gives business the ability to network to more people quicker, easier and from the comfort of your desk, or even your couch.


Like SEO, Social Media Management can be time consuming and not all business owners have the time to manage the plethora of social media streams available to their business. Similar to maintaining your web site content, your social media pages require continuous maintenance and updating. At DANIMA we know how important having a Social Media presence is to your business, so we take that burden away from you so that you can concentrate on what you do best! We work closely with your team to develop a Social Media Strategy and help manage and update your social media pages. As well, we know how important your brand is, and we help set-up your social media streams to ensure they are in-line with your current branding strategy. From tweeting to status posts to pinning, DANIMA can help you create a Social Media marketing plan that will help drive more people to your web site and, in turn, drive more business to you!

Check out our business packages & our work, and then give us a call and see how we can help you in the Social Media World!

Systems Design

Since 1998, DANIMA has been creating web sites for local area businesses and beyond. Since that time the web has changed and business web sites have become more involved and elaborate. The day of the simple brochure web site is over. Very few web sites are merely just a few pages of basic information - company info, contact info. In today's Net E-Conomy it is essential to maximize your web site's potential and in doing so, make your business more efficient for you, your staff and your clients/visitors. System development has become DANIMA's forte as the company has evolved over the last 5 or 6 years. All of our web sites/systems include an Administration Area where all of the site's system administrative functionality resides. From as simple as adding contacts to your contact database to managing your associations membership, it's all housed in a secure, password protected Administration Area. From a Content Management System to Customer Loyalty Systems, DANIMA's talented team can help take you to the next level

What do we mean by systems or "System Development"? Well, the simplest way of defining a web system is anything that gives the site owner control over the operations of some aspect of the site. From managing contacts to updating site content to a full reservations system or Membership Management System. DANIMA also provides businesses with larger systems that actually assist the site owner in operating their business or a specific aspect of the business. Every business has specific needs and/or processes that pertain to their business. DANIMA is able to look at those processes, help our clients automate their process and thus making them more efficient and more profitable.

To find out more about how we can automate your business, or simply just increase the functionality of your web site, contact us at danima@danima.com or call us at 905-357-4977. We'll be glad to provide you with a FREE consultation!