Time To Tango`

The DANIMA Team has been hard at work over the past 2 years building a suite of intranet, business modules that have now been packaged into a new product for small to medium businesses - Tango Business Management System!

DANIMA's Senior Programmer, Jordan Code, has worked closely over the past 2 years with several Health Centres developing a robust, efficient intranet tool - Wave Management System. The system is currently being used by several Health Care Centres including North Hamilton Community Health Care Centre, Grand River Community Health Care Centre and Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara. The system allows employees to login to view staff events, book meeting times, submit mileage and expense forms, timesheets and vacation time. Administrators can view reports, accept/decline vacation time, book boardrooms, manage employees and staff resources, and much more. 

DANIMA has now utlized the concept of Wave, coupled with the new DANIMA Project Management System and Donations/Events System to create a online tool for small to medium size businesses that is guaranteed to save businesses time and money - we call it Tango! Tango is an on-line management tool that allows users to login via a secure internet connection to access the system. It's easy to access, easy to use and you can utilize it anywhere on any device. That's right, Tango is completely mobile friendly. We know that everyone is balancing busy schedules and time is a very valuable commodity that we just don't seem to have enough of these days.  Tango uses the SaaS model which allows staff and employers to access what they need from where they want and when they want!  If you are sitting in the school parking lot waiting for your son or daughter to get out of school, you can pull out your phone, login and submit your expense forms, request a vacation day, view upcoming staff events, and more. As an employer or an administrator, you might be sitting in the stands at the arena watching hockey practice and now you can login to manage vacation requests, send invoices, view financial reports....it's that easy!

The best part is that Tango is also extremely affordable. Team DANIMA are currently working on several packages that will provide different solutions and different costs for businesses ranging from small to medium size businesses that want to rid themselves of the costly software that they currently uses and use one system that can do the work of many!

We are currently looking for businesses to help Test Drive Tango for a short period of time to help us work out the kinks. All those that participate in the Test Drive will receive 6 months free if they want to continue to use the system! If you are interested email us at testdrive@tangobms.com (Tango Business Management System) and we'll get you a set of keys right away!

Posted by: DANIMA Dave


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