It's beginning to look a lot like...

...Christmas! And here at DANIMA we are all working away like little elves?

Yep, it's less than a month away. Christmas just sneaks up on me every year. As a business owner December is that month that you fret a bit. Clients are in holiday mode, not really interested in getting new projects underway and willing to coast into the New Year (and then it gets crazy). Conversely, I look at the month and think about the staff vacations and holidays and how will we meet certain deadlines. But December is also that month to look back and see if those annual goals and objectives were met and to reflect on the year that was!

A lot of changes happened here in DANIMAland in 2016, as DANIMA re-focused our business and shifted our direction slightly. Positive changes. The old DANIMA ship has a new coat of paint, a few new parts, and it's heading in the right direction! Nothing but blue skies and straigh-ahead, as they say!

As we make our way through the final month of 2016 we'll be working on bringing several projects to a completion, and working on some great new projects with Upper Canada Animal Hospital, YardMasters Niagara, Unisync Group, Rev Publishing, River Rapids Inn, Niagara Falls Hilton and several others! 

Remember if you are looking for a great Niagara Web Design, Niagara SEO, Niagara Print Design or Niagara Social Media management - give #teamDANIMA a call at 905-357-4977 or email us at sales@danima.com and we'll get you ready for 2017!!!

Enjoy the Christmas parties and slower work days as we approach Christmas 2016!

Posted by: DANIMA Dave


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