New Year, New Focus

Happy belated New Year to everyone out there in DANIMAland. Looking forward to successful year in business with all of our DANIMALS!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Here at DANIMA we were hard at work making sure the Inter-Web thing didn't stop working so that everyone could enjoy the world wide web on their new phones, tablets, computers, etc. All those gadgets that keep us all connected to each other and to everything!

So, with 2015 in the rear view, it's time to look ahead to a brand new year, with a brand new focus, a new look and a new attitude for #teamDANIMA.  I believe we have the best team that DANIMA has put on the field in 17 years. We have the game plan, we have the skills, now it's time to execute!! 

Looking forward to a  healthy, fun and successful 2016 here at DANIMA!

In the words of Willie Nile, “This Is Our Time”!

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Posted by: DANIMA Dave


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