'Hello World'...We're Back!

Well, it's time to get back to blogging! I know I've said that before...but in the words of Little Steven "this time it's for real"! Welcome to "Hello World", the new DANIMA blog!

Okay, so Ginger (our Social Media Consultant) doesn't think the name of our new blog is very original...but I respectfully disagree! In fact, I was quite amused when I did a Google search for "Programming Terms" and saw the old phrase "Hello World". Anybody who has ever programmed anything (even me) starts with the simple task of creating a script that produces the term "Hello World". It's like magic when you first succeed! So, I thought to myself, how funny would it be, since we are in the business of programming, to name our new blog "Hello World". Okay, I'm beating a dead-horse...but, it was funny to me at the time. Sure, maybe it's not an 'original' title for a blog, but it was an original idea for me. And after all, as long as the Boss is amused...that's all that really matters....lol! 

Back in January I set a goal here at DANIMA to rebrand the company and that would all start with a fresh new web site. Well, like the Shoemaker's son (who is the last to get a new pair of shoes,) I've been waiting quite a long time for my new pair of shoes, simply due to the fact that the staff here at #teamDANIMA have been extremely busy building new sites, apps and systems for our clients! 2015 really started out fantastic!
And now the wait is over! If I do say so myself, it was definitely worth the wait. Thanks to Derek for the great, new, fresh design! Thanks to the DANIMA developing team, Josh, Jordan and Dave, for a great job building the site and the new administration console and, last but not least, to Conni and Brooke for populating the site! 

Hopefully, since you found the blog, you've had a chance to look around at the new site! We offer our clients everything from web site design and development, social media management, search engine optimization, print design and production, web hosting and much, much more! So, take a look around the site, have a peak at all this is DANIMA and make sure you email sales@danima.com the next time you are looking for print, web or social media assistance for you and your business.  Isn't it time YOU "Experience the DANIMA Difference!"

Until next time...

Posted by: DANIMA Dave


September 15, 2015 7:08AM
Amazing blog!!